• In version 2.2.2 we made a change in the Retrieval of a Person and the Search for Persons.
    The respons field "firstname" was changed to "first_name" to conform to the JSON schemas.

Version 2.3

What is new

  • GET services for results (publications like articles, books, chapters of a book, ...):
    • Search for results
      • Result search response with header 'x-total-count' for total number of results
      • Result search sort order can be given by the 'sort' parameter
    • Retrieve a result based on its id
    • Retrieve a unit's results
    • Retrieve a person's results
    • Subresource for a result's contributors
    • Subresource for a book's chapters

These services are documented in the API documentation.

API changes

The GET results/{id} services has been replaced by the new result GET results/{id} service


A search engine/platform is introduced and is used for result search. It is indexing, querying, mapping the queries to results and ranking the outcome.

Patch versions

  • 2.3.8: Fixes a bug in pagination
  • 2.3.7: Results Search handles the rare case of a non-existing result
  • 2.3.6: Create Biobank validates associated project id
  • 2.3.5: Fixes a bug in Results Search using user at an institution
  • 2.3.4: Fixes a bug in Results Search using the doi parameter
  • 2.3.3: Fixes a bug in Results Search
  • 2.3.2: Fixes bugs in Results Lookup and Results Search
  • 2.3.1: Fixes bugs in Projects Create and Biobanks Create

Version 2.2.1

What is new

  • This version sends an Email to the project manager when updating (PATCH) or creating (POST) new projects.
  • Technical upgrade.

Version 2.0.1

What is new

  • New services for dataset for projects (lookup, PUT, POST) are implemented in this version. These services are documented in the API documentation.
  • New Json-schema "unitsList_GET_response.json" is introduced in this version. Search for units (GET units?{parameters}) is based on this schema.
  • Lookup service for units (GET units/{id}) now retrieves the whole structure of the units and sub-units.
  • This version allows wild card (*) search for all search/filtering. You can use the asterisk (*) anywhere in a character string
  • Pagination for search/filtering is implemented in order to handle results with ease, for persons, biobanks, projects and institutions. See details in the API documentation.
  • Language filtering is implemented. Usage of language parameter in queries and other details are documented in the API documentation.
  • Lookup service for results (publications) is implemented and documented in the API documentation.

API changes

  • Lookup service for projects retrieves an additional information - patient oriented description (pasientrettet beskrivelse).
  • Json-schemas where there is a field for institution or unit are modified to accommodate the new format. All the services which make use of this new format are also modified in this version, e.g. in POST and GET projects designate coordinating institution as follows: "institution": \{ "cristin_institution_id": "185", ... \}, "unit": \{ ... \}.
  • Display format for keyword, HRCS categories, HRCS activities and project categories in project lookup is modified from list of strings to list of objects (code + name). The corresponding json-schema (projects_GET_POST_response.json) is also modified to accommodate these changes.

Version 1.1 Version 1.1